Coaxera is the name of the planet. It’s a pretty chill place. It’s inside out: Everything takes place on the interior of the sphere, where all the landmasses, oceans, and shit are. THe center of the sphere is where the atmosphere is, the clouds and weather and stuff. The sun and moon are both small objects that physically move across the sky and vanish deep into caves at the poles at the appropriate times. The outside of the sphere is unmapped and unexplored, mostly—some people have gone out there to see what’s up, but they generally don’t come back.

It’s roughly the size of Earth on the outside, but the crust is ~50 miles thick, so the available space is slightly smaller.

All the normal fantasy races are present on Coaxera, with the notable addition of avians. Because the center of gravity of a sphere is in the center, the middle of the sky houses an odd amalgam of debris and ancient buildings. The avians evolved and live here, but occasionally visit the surface.

There are four main continents, plus a sort of a continent at the north pole (sunrise pole). THe beginning of our adventures will take place on the largest one, called (tentatively) the Kingdoms. Know why? Cause there’s a lot of kingdoms there, and they all fight all the time. I’ll get to the rest of them later, this is a solid start.


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